This Time It's Personal.

Make your gloves - YOUR gloves! All of our gloves are fully customisable with the option of text or text and a flag.
If you would like any kind of different personalisation than the options available, please contact us before you place your order and we'd be happy to help make them personal to you!

Check out the VenomPro range now!

Be a VenomPro and incapacitate the opposition with a new twist on our most popular glove to date!

For those who like a lightweight yet extremely protective glove, the VenomPro range has you covered for comfort, security and protection.

Featuring a 3D Shock Zone to help with those big punches, a thin layer of memory foam under the palm to help with absorption of hard shots as well as the lightweight silicone finger backing that we have named ExoTec. This is designed to give your fingers an extra bit of protection from any studs that may find their way to the back of your fingers while maintaining a full range of motion.

The comfort and security of the VenomPro is like no other, the lightweight neoprene make up of the glove coupled with the negative cut and the palm wrap gives you a snug fit and complete control. With the new removable strap system the choice is yours, find complete security and flexibility by ditching the strap, or have an extra snug and solid fit with the wrist strap attached!

Shut Them Out